the harbours

Exactly like a 100 years ago, we will depart from the port beneath Musa Dagh, Çevlik Limanı, and we will first go to Port Saïd. However on our way we will pass by other harbours, like in Beirut, which is very connected to the history of Armenians of Musa Dagh. We may make a little halt, if possible, at a Syrian harbour before, and an Israelian and Palestinian harbour each afterwards. This remains to clarify.

Other harbours planned are in Cyprus, where the spiritual head of the Armenian Church is known to be of Musa Dagh origin. Venedig, especially the St. Lazarro island of the Mechitarists will be another stop. On our way, in Italy we would like to pass by and salute the little province of Riace, famous for its exceptional action vis-a-vis the African immigrants. Lampedusa should also be worth a visit.

Back in Turkey, Foça definitely is a harbour to head to, as it is the ancestor city to Marseille, aka Cité Phocéen.

Further we will visit some North African harbours, before heading to Marseille, our ultimate destination.